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Describing Scientology isn’t an easy task….for a number of reasons, even for us. We’re still trying to find REAL language for what it is and what we experienced. This has not been easy, but it has been worthwhile. 

This is OUR place to create commUNITY and have dialog. We will ask hard questions, share real stories, and try to understand & heal through it together. We also hope to create advocacy & collect allies. As we put words to our experience, we hope to help educate others.  


Isolation our greatest enemy. That ends now.

What exactly is a CHILD of Scientology?

Good question. First of all Scientology is Something We Didn’t Choose For Ourselves, We Were Born or raised in it. You Might Say We’re A Scientology Science Experiment If You Will.  We realize we Have A Lot To Learn, And also A Lot To say about it.  Whether We Like It Or Not, We’re Kinda The Perfect Specimens Of What Happens When kids Are Provided No Other Tools Or Means Of Support Apart From  Scientology As They Develop, And The Long Term Effects Of This.  

Meet a few of US

(An Irreverent, Wayward Bunch, Finding Our Way, Making It Up As We Go along) 

Tristan Silverman

delphi - jewish - queer - poet -
tender - brilliant - hilarious - doglover

Nathan Rich

rancher - punk - tattooed - traveler -
intelligent - self made - techie


sea org - artistic - grounded - patient -
loyal - loving - brave - old soul

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Creating awareness through expression of experience.   


https://ia801800.us.archive.org/28/items/scientology-black-ops-7news/ScientologyBlackOps_Episode03.mp4 Title: TAKEN Tristan Silverman: As a second generation, I can’t speak for everyone, but when you leave there’s not like a

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1. The pool at the Quality Inn Motel was black. We lived six or eight per single occupancy room, girls

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I am you

I had the opportunity to read poet and Buzzfeed editor, Saeed Jones’ response to the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting, which

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Big Little Soul

Desperate, I again asked:

“I’m just an adult in a child size body?”

the answer always: “Yes”

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Nathan Rich


Jenna Miscavige

for Good

Marc Headley

at the Top

Amy Scobee

A to Xenu

Chris Shelton

Messenger 1 & 2

Janis Gillham Grady

The Sea Organization
(and what it looks like to kids)


(Yep, we have our own lingo)

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