We are the Children of Scientology

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Describing Scientology isn’t an easy task….for a number of reasons, even for us. We’re still trying to find REAL language for what it is and what we experienced. This has not been easy, but it has been worthwhile

This is OUR place to create commUNITY and have dialog. We will ask hard questions, share real stories, and try to understand & heal through it together. We also hope to create advocacy & collect alliesAs we put words to our experience, we hope to help educate others.  


Isolation our greatest enemy. That ends now.

What exactly is a CHILD of Scientology?

Good Question. First of All, Scientology Is Something We Didn’t Choose For OurselvesWe were born, or raised in it. You might say we are a Scientology Science Experiment, if you will. We Realize We Have A Lot To Learn, and Also A Lot To Say About It. Whether We Like It Or Not, We’re Kinda The Perfect Specimens Of What Happens When Kids Are Provided No Other Tools Or Mean Of Support Apart From Scientology As They Develop, And The Long Term Effects Of This. 

Meet a few of US

(An Irreverent, Wayward Bunch, Finding Our Way, Making It Up As We Go along) 

Tristan Silverman

raised in - delphian - jewish -
queer - poet - tender -
hilarious - doglover

Nathan Rich

born in - mk ranch - punk - tattooed -
traveler - self made - techie - cat dad

Christi Gordon

raised in - cadet org - poker faced -
rehabilitation project force
persistent - inclusive - child advocate

Vanessa LaRose

born in - delphian - dog lover rescuer -
vegetarian - realist - peer support specialist -
mental health advocate - beauty pro

Sebrina Zimmer

born in - sea org - disconnected -
heartbroken -starseed - lightworker

Aaron Smith-Levin

twin - raised in - staff - sea org -
auditor - father - inquisitive -
outspoken - youtuber - crusader

Mirriam Francis

born in - apollo training academy -
pac ranch - sea org - rehabilitation
- project force - survivor/advocate - optimist

Gary "Jackson" Morehead

raised in - cadet org - security chief -
volunteer firefighter - authentic -
kindhearted - freedom fighter

Saina Kamula

born in - apollo training academy -
pac ranch - fierce - wanderer -
photo journalist - traveling hospitality hero

Elysia Hoy Patterson

born in - mojave - animal foster mom -
feral - advocate - sarcastic -
mom - protective friend

Amanda Rae

born in - sea org - old soul -
survivor - actress - creative -
collaborative - resilient - loyal

Nora Ames

raised in - apple school - sea org -
gay - rehabilitation project force -
lgbtq advocate - humorist

Liz Gale

3rd generation - born-in -
delphian - writer - educator -
TikToker - fearless

Kelli Copter

raised in - supressive child -
video creator - songbird -
lego lover - documentarian

Victoria Locke

raised in - org staff - mother -
advocate - outdoor educator -
queer - survivor

Serge Del Mar

3rd generation - born-in -
child prodigy auditor - sea org -
artist - dancer - creator - defender

Marie Bilheimer

born in - sea org - int cleared -
ethical - rule follower -
tenacious - unshakable - strong

Kendra Blanco

born in - interracial -
org staff - suppressive child -
kind - outdoorsy - empath

Haley Keldani

born in - org staff -
sea org - mom - poker faced -
gardener - tiktoker - phoenix child

Leah Farrow

born in - sea org - freewinds -
mom - biz owner -
tattoo artist - equestrian

Marisa Sigmond

born in - confused - isolated -
shamed - outspoken - fighter -
protector - extravert

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Creating awareness through expression of experience.   


https://ia801800.us.archive.org/28/items/scientology-black-ops-7news/ScientologyBlackOps_Episode03.mp4 Title: TAKEN Tristan Silverman: As a second generation, I can’t speak for everyone, but when you leave there’s not like a

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The Sea Organization
(and what it looks like to kids)


(Yep, we have our own lingo:
it's called - Scientologese)

To help with words & terms here’s a  simple cheat sheet for you put together by our sister site.



More complicated, lengthy version, full of hidden meanings, large concepts, strategic euphemisms, nuanced phrases, commands, and oodles of THREATS – ALL all used to guide our fragile young developing minds, keep us isolated, and MOST of all, to hold us in placeWe consider it our native language since we were bottle fed it – in place of real words – and it’s pretty hard to kick it, but we do try, since we know now, language has REAL power.   


(we get a LOT of questions...and they're ALL good)

Here are just a few

from our incredible trailblazing sister site: Ex Scientology Kids

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