The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project is a collaborative effort to inform about issues affecting the youngest members of Scientology, who did not choose it for themselves.

Created by Christi Gordon, Victoria Locke, and Mirriam Francis, each raised in Scientology, this project begins with a collaborative public podcast, to help create a place for those who’s reality was formed within its far reaching high control, when they are ready, to finally discuss their experiences openly, in hopes of creating awareness, and reaching others like us. We will include some familiar topics, but in a different way, plus gather and share tools.

Our goal is to create community, and a better understanding of what Scientology feels like to a child; what they are taught, how they are treated, what they must navigate, what becomes of them, their sense of self, their family bonds, their mental health, and to ask two main questions: How do we prevent it? How do we possibly heal?

We hope you’ll join us what we feel is a much overdue conversation and exploration, as we connect with each other, and help one another connect the dots, that are so confusing, even to those that lived it, so we can help ourselves and others, to feel safe, and to move on.



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